1st Class Threads

Basic Threads


Product Decription

-Single smooth straight PDO thread
-Easy and simple to use
-Basic use for skin rejuvenation and tightening
-Basic for all facial and body contouring

Product Specification


Product Decription

-Single PDO coiled thread
-Longer and wider space for collagen forming
-Ideal for smoothing lines and wrinkles
-Good for all facial and body contouring

Product Specification

1ST CLASS Twin Screw

Product Decription

-Double braided PDO coiled threads
-Stronger effect than single screw
-Ideal for sunken area of skin
-Good for combining with mesotherapy

Product Specification

Cog Threads


Product Decription

- 360° barbed cutting cog

- Four types of needles - high variety options for

customer convenience

- Best choice for facial lifting and contouring

- L & W cannula options for minimal tissue trauma

Product Specification

1ST CLASS Molding Cog L Cannula

Product Decription

-Cold press molding cog with innovative technology

-Long lasting effect for 2 years

-High anchoring and tensile strength

-Minimal tissue reaction and trauma to tissue

-Wide area of collagen formation


-Mid Face & Double Chin Lifting

-Nasolabial folds Lifting

-Non surgical jowl line Lifting

-Facial Slimming in general

Product Specification

1ST CLASS Double Arm Anchor

Product Decription

-Straight needle for insertion and curved needle for 


-Easy to apply long suture technique

-Optimized design - required for heavy lifting effect

-Best for mid face lifting

Product Specification

1ST CLASS Double Arm Straight

Product Decription

-Double pointed needles

-Easy for contouring and creating different angles

-Best for mid face, double chin and neck

Product Specification

Special Threads

1ST CLASS Volume Secret Mono L Cannula

Product Decription

- Ten mono threads in L Cannula needle

- Strong volume effect on deep lines and wrinkles

- Good for nasolabial folds and nose argumentation

Product Specification

1ST CLASS Eye Mono L & U Cannula

Product Decription

- Mono thread with U&L Cannula

- Minimized skin tissue trauma for superficial area

- Good for saggy under eye and crow feet line

Product Specification

1ST CLASS Nose Cog L Cannula

Product Decription

- Optimized for nose argumentation

- Providing instant filling effect with the thickest folded cog (USP2)

- Easy to contour nose shape without surgery

Product Specification